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Homepage to Igor i. Pospelov, obstetrician - gynecologist of Sochi's Maternity Hospital

Igor I. Pospelov, M.D.

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Good day / night everyone!

Welcome to the personal page of Igor I. Pospelov Jr., obstetrician - gynecologist and ultrasonographist of Sochi Maternity Hospital.

One day everyone starts asking himself grand questions: "Who are you? What are you living for? And… don't you need a personal web site?!" And whereas the answers to the first and the second questions are more or less plain, it takes many people years to find the answer to the third one. :о)

After deep, but short meditation I made a decision: the page must be. At least that my modest person and my electronic contact details could be found on the Net.

Continuing the great Net tradition of giving online professional opinion, I am ready to advise all visitors on the following issues: pregnancy, labor and delivery, gynecology, medical visualization and functional diagnostics in obstetrics and gynecology. To ask your question please visit our Forum.

Though the site looks rather modest for the moment, it is quite possible it will grow and become a supermultimegaportal… One day, but not this year :о). Meanwhile, I would suggest to consider it as my electronic business card. Or electronic alter ego. In abbreviated form - E-ego :о)

It makes no sense to write in the Forum or Guestbook phrases like: " Visit my site, http //:... " All such messages will be deleted in a day or two. Same thing will happen to other “cases of bites incontinence”. :о (

Well, the official part is over. All my contact details are shown above.

With best gynecologycal regards,         Igor I. Pospelov Jr., M.D.

P.S. I wonder if the Chekhov’s famous maxim "Brevity is the sister of talent " could be applied to web-design? :оD

By the way, what do you say about design?:о) Please put your opinion here. The remark "not bad for a gynecologist" will be appreciated: о)

  За помощь в переводе странички на великобританский язык огромное спасибо АННЕ (aka ABCD) :o))

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